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Coaxial Cables

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Coaxial Cables

We are among the leading Coaxial Cables Manufacturers of India and abroad. Our Coaxial Cables have one conductor insulated with a dielectric material and then usually surrounded by the other conductor. We are one of the acclaimed suppliers of Digital Coaxial Cables and flexible Coaxial Cables which are highly efficient and durable.

  • High Tensile Strength
  • Efficient
  • Durable

Coaxial cables have one conductor insulated with a dielectric material and then surrounded by the other conductor, usually referred to as the center conductor and shield. Tri-axial cables are specialized coaxial cables.

Coaxial cables consist of two cylindrical conductors with a common axis. The two conductors are separated by a dielectric. The outer conductor, normally at ground-potential, acts as a return path for current flowing through the center conductor and prevents energy radiation from the cable. The outer conductor, or shield, is also commonly used to prevent external radiation from affecting the current flowing in the inner conductor. The outer shield or conductor consists of woven strands of wire or is a metal sheath.

Tri-axial cables are three-conductor cables with one conductor in the center, a second circular conductor shield concentric with the first, and third circular conductor shield insulated from and concentric with the first and second, usually with insulation, and a braid or impervious sheath overall.

  • Branch & Drop Coaxial & Triaxial Cables (RG59F / RG6F / RG11F)
    • Centre conductor of solid electrolytic grade 99.97% pure
    • The First shield / Secondary conductor is made of a specially designed polyaluminium tape, bonded on the dielectric. The tape is applied with sufficient overlap longitudinally over the foam dielectric.
    • The Second shield is of imported aluminium alloy wire braiding with high tensile strength and has more than 60% coverage.
  • Trunk & Distribution CATV Cables (412 / 500 / 540)
    • As the diameter of center conductor is higher for Trunk Cables, a special imported copper clad aluminium conductor is used.
    • Conductor surface is specially treated for making it bright, smooth and circular before extrusion online since the high frequency signals travel on the conductor surface.
    • The diameter of the conductor being large, aluminium core is provided which is adequate for Power Pass application.
    • The secondary /outer conductor is made of a robust aluminium alloy tube providing 100% shielding enhancing performance and distortion-free transmission of signals.

Design & Technology
  • Nitrogen gas injected physical foam dielectric manufactured by using imported polyethylene. The gas injected foam is far superior to the chemical foam.
  • Stringent raw material, in-process and final testing ensure consistent quality which guarantees reliable and long-lasting performance.
  • UV and abrasion resistant outer jacket is of a special grade PVC compound in black colour.
  • Cable is sequentially marked along the length at every meter.
  • Each length of the cable is 100% tested on a high frequency Network Analyzer, for Attenuation, Impedance, and Structural Return Loss (SRL) up to 1 GHz.
  • Complete manufacturing of cable is done in-house on ultra-modern imported machinery.

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